— My Starting Point —

I’m Law Kah Kiat, the founder of Regal Collection, also the only worker exists in the company.
I went to Japan a lot of times and had always been impressed by their strive for perfection, philosophy, and also ATTITUDE.

Thus, impressive creations can be found a lot in Japan domestically but are not well known in Malaysia, I tried my very best to import those genuine, great products back to Malaysia, and had face a lot of obstacles during the journey.

Today, Regal Collection had became the main distributor in Malaysia, for those historical brand and great quality products mainly used by Japanese & Korean themselves.

Since the Edo period, the Japanese has always strived towards perfection.


In the Japanese culture, they have several sociological concepts like “omoi-yari” (思いやり)means “the act of caring for someone”.



“Kaizen”(改善)means “the act of constantly seeking perfection”.


When all these concepts blend together, it will be equal to good quality items and services.